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Remember when Kylie was actually hot?…

After innocently posting a link on Twitter to a new Freya Lingerie ad, I ended up inadvertently talking about Kylie’s oh-so-fabulous Agent Provocateur ad from a few years back, when she was really, truly HOT.

I’m talking about the time post-Neighbours, post-getting dropped by record companies, post-collaborating with the Manics in a bid for credibility, but pre-sounding like a smurf on all of her songs & pre-having a face like a death mask. I’m talking about the golden era of Kylie: a re-birth brought about predominantly by a pair of teeny, tiny golden hot pants and a very lovely bottom.

Before us today though, we see a 40-year old woman without a single wrinkle, which is frankly a little unnerving, and skin pulled so tightly across her forehead that I do genuinely worry that one day she’s going to do an almighty sneeze and her face is going to literally rip open, right down the middle!

But there was a time, not very long ago, when Kylie was EVERYONE’s fantasy. I don’t know a single girl that wasn’t at least a tiny bit bi-curious when it came to Kylie, especially when this little lovely was released, to the sound of cold-showers and ice-filled baths the world over:

Hell, I even have a friend who bought one of these, albeit officially for “exercise”. I’ve rarely laughed as hard as I did when she showed it to me in the middle of her lounge one night, post dinner out, with a look of utter sincerity on her face 😀

I’m not going to get into a whole debate about growing old gracefully or whether Kylie’s still hot or not (I mean come on, you know you still would!)

However, and purely for the sake of posterity you understand, I impore you to all enjoy the above, because beauty should be enjoyed.. and a little naughtiness from time to time. Hey, it’s Friday so why not?! In the meantime I’m off to dig out my favourite AP under-crackers and give Jo a ring to see if she’s willing to part with her iJoyRide at a reasonable price…