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Job envy

Sorry no, I can’t make after work drinks today. I still have to brush another 6 bats. Maybe next time eh…

Ooooh, that tickles.

Ooooh, that tickles.

New Chapters

I always joked about wishing weekends were longer and the working week was shorter. Well, now it seems I’m going to get my wish as my employer puts us all on a 3-day week for the foreseeable. Funny though, it’s not quite as happy making as you’d think, once you work out the economic impact. All I can really say is OUCH!

However, rather than fret about it I’m determined to see it as a potential positive. It means that I have bags more time to figure out exactly what it is that I want to do from now on. I’ve become increasingly interested in, and somewhat evangelical about, all things social media.

From an Ad Man’s point of view I can’t help but feel that this is the area that I need to steer my career towards – TV, press, radio etc just don’t cut the mustard anymore. And they’re only going to become less & less effective with time. I hesitate to foretell of their impending deaths, as I don’t actually believe that to be true, but without a doubt, they’re going to have a much less significant role than they’ve had historically.

So, that’s the plan – me, online, a marriage made in heaven. It’s going to take some time, but I reckon I can make it work. I know my onions when it comes to brands, branding, marketing etc and I’m learning more and more about online & social media by the day so now it’s time to make the two things work for me.

Here goes…