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God Bless the (curly) Child

I used to love this ad when I was little. Partly because it introduced me to the fabulous voice of Billie Holiday and partly because she was the first child I was aware of, with curly hair, that was officially, universally, cool.

(… though it was a little gutting to know that you could genuinely be a curly haired child and actually look cool, not have to sport the dubious “explosion in a mattress factory” mullet that my parents inflicted upon me).

As I got older, I loved it because it was just a great ad. It’s dated a bit now, as have I in 20 years I guess, but it still remains a classic TV ad from the time when TV ads actually worked.

PS – If you want a really good Billie Holiday song though, you should check this one out: Strange Fruit. One of the first anti-racism songs; it made me cry when I first heard it & really listened to the words. Brilliant, brilliant song.

Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy

Mollie Sugden died yesterday 😦

Growing up my family weren’t really massive watchers of Are You Being Served but I always had a bit of a fascination for her as Mrs Slocombe, in no small part because of her amazing barnet.

You might say there was a certain affinity there. My hair was, and still is, pretty spectacular both in terms of scale and gravity-defying abilities and hers was each of those things as well as being a myriad of colours to boot. What’s not to love?!


She was also more than a little prone to innuendo in her guise as Mrs Slocombe, much like my good self.

I’ve always said that when I’m older and probably no wiser, but my curls have turned from dark brown to a lack-lustre grey, I am going to have an absolute field day with the ole blue rinses etc. I fully intend to take a leaf out of Mollie’s book and dye my fading coiffure a rainbow of colours to brighten up my old age. I’m not exactly a wall flower in my younger(ish) years, so I see no reason that I’ll become one in later life.

So R.I.P. Mollie and thanks for giving us a few giggles along the way and for being somewhat of a “hairspiration” to me too.

Now if you don’t mind, “I’ve got to get home: if my pussy isn’t attended to by eight o’clock, I shall be stroking it for the rest of the evening to calm it down!”