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Don’t Mind if I Do


I love this guy‘s Words & Type posters 🙂

The Real Me

I don’t make friends very easily. I’m sociable and gregarious and all of those things that on paper should make it easy for me to make lots of friends; and while it’s true, I have many acquaintances, I can count the number of VERY close friends that I have on both hands (and maybe one or two toes).

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. Having a little network of really close pals is great. However, it’s tricky when they mainly live in another country. It can get a bit lonely when the people you’re used to sharing stuff with with – laughs, adventures, heartaches, scandals etc – aren’t mere minutes away.

I’ve been in Ireland just short of 18 months now and in that time I’ve met loads of really fantastic people. It’s true what they say (whoever “they” are, and “they” tend to say an awful lot)… but yes, it’s true what they say about the Irish being very friendly. Indeed, the vast majority of people you meet really are very friendly; interested in why you moved here, how you’re settling in, what you think of it all so far etc. And there it ends.

Where it’s quite tricky is making the step change from someone who knows lots of friendly people, to someone who’s built up a network of lovely friends, including some of the really close variety (not that kind of close, dirty mind!)

For me this takes a bit of time. People don’t tend to know quite what to make of me when they meet me initially. I kind of stick out like a sore thumb for starters; I’ve never been very good at blending into the background. I don’t really look like most girls, I don’t talk like most girls (largely because I swear like a navvy!), I’m not particularly subtle (to look at or to listen to) and am generally a bit “different”. All of this can mean that I also seem to be unapproachable and a bit intimidating at times apparently.

The odd thing is that yes, while I appear to be all of these things, I’m also a  massive jumble of contradictions. Not in my opinions and the like, but in other ways.

So while I’m the loud, pint swilling, non-PC, potty-mouthed, joke cracking seemingly confident girl in the room, I’m also quite shy, self-conscious and bizarrely somewhat timid. I’ll happily be the performing monkey in a situation and make everyone laugh, because fuck it, I’m funny 😉 But it always shocks me when people realise that I’m quite shy underneath it all. I always think it’s incredibly obvious.

So, because of all of this, and no doubt a myriad of other factors, I don’t tend to make really good friends very easily. I don’t let a lot of people in you see, to get to know the real me.

But then every now and then I meet someone who just gets me. Who thinks I’m fun and funny, interesting and good company, yet sees the other sides to me and accepts them too. And in turn lets me get to know them a bit better as well.

Recently I’ve made two very, very good friends and I love them to bits. They’re as silly as I am which is a real bonus, but they also “get” the real me.

Which is why we get drunk & I let them do stuff like this to me…

The Love Child of Marc Bolan & Salvador Dali?
The Love Child of Marc Bolan & Salvador Dali?

Thanks boys. Love you loads! Mwah!

Spare A Thought

This poor guy. Clearly got it all going on from the neck down. But so fuck ugly he has to cover his face on the beach.

poor man

Now love, I’m not going to tell you that someone’s going to love you for what’s on the inside, because you’re clearly HIDEOUS and therefore the chances are slim. You might be able to get some action in specialist clubs etc but that’s about it.

I will give you a little bit of advice though; a non-porous fabric such as PVC or pleather, when worn so tightly over the afflicted area is just going to make it worse. Like when really fat people get mold or yeasty growths  in their fat folds etc. Perhaps a hessian sack would be better!?

My kind of thinking

image via ffffound.com

image via ffffound.com

“You’re on a gravy train with biscuit wheels”

I was going to make a joke about “…right up my alley”, but frankly it was too obvious and where’s the sport in that?! But, huzzah, I’m off to partake in a little sport this evening.

It's a small world when you've got unbelievable tits Roy.

It's a small world when you've got unbelievable tits Roy.

The only sports I’m interested in are the ones with beer and er, rental shoes. Maybe not the rental shoes but definitely the beer. So tonight I’m gonna bust out my best Bill Murray moves, (hell, I’ve got the awesome coiffure), and score a turkey or two. Well, that or I’ll just look like a turkey.

Either way, look out for the balls a-flyin’!

Let’s Dance

I saw this today on Iain Tait’s blog, Crackunit and love it. Never have I wanted to go stand on a steep hill and dance like a twat more so than right now.

I especially love the dude in the red second-skin trolleys & umbrella hat – if anyone knows him, you have my permission to give him my number 😉

Whoop whoop! Who’s coming dancing then?


Sometimes it’s good to do something that’s totally out of character.

I did.


It was a good Sunday.


Image via: ffffound.com

Remember when Kylie was actually hot?…

After innocently posting a link on Twitter to a new Freya Lingerie ad, I ended up inadvertently talking about Kylie’s oh-so-fabulous Agent Provocateur ad from a few years back, when she was really, truly HOT.

I’m talking about the time post-Neighbours, post-getting dropped by record companies, post-collaborating with the Manics in a bid for credibility, but pre-sounding like a smurf on all of her songs & pre-having a face like a death mask. I’m talking about the golden era of Kylie: a re-birth brought about predominantly by a pair of teeny, tiny golden hot pants and a very lovely bottom.

Before us today though, we see a 40-year old woman without a single wrinkle, which is frankly a little unnerving, and skin pulled so tightly across her forehead that I do genuinely worry that one day she’s going to do an almighty sneeze and her face is going to literally rip open, right down the middle!

But there was a time, not very long ago, when Kylie was EVERYONE’s fantasy. I don’t know a single girl that wasn’t at least a tiny bit bi-curious when it came to Kylie, especially when this little lovely was released, to the sound of cold-showers and ice-filled baths the world over:

Hell, I even have a friend who bought one of these, albeit officially for “exercise”. I’ve rarely laughed as hard as I did when she showed it to me in the middle of her lounge one night, post dinner out, with a look of utter sincerity on her face 😀

I’m not going to get into a whole debate about growing old gracefully or whether Kylie’s still hot or not (I mean come on, you know you still would!)

However, and purely for the sake of posterity you understand, I impore you to all enjoy the above, because beauty should be enjoyed.. and a little naughtiness from time to time. Hey, it’s Friday so why not?! In the meantime I’m off to dig out my favourite AP under-crackers and give Jo a ring to see if she’s willing to part with her iJoyRide at a reasonable price…

I challenge you not to…

…bob your head, sing along, tap your toes, smile, feel happy & smiley when you listen to this bit of loveliness.

From my new favourite band Camera Obscura‘s new album, My Maudlin Career, it’s the perfect song for a sunny Friday, and a Bank Holiday one at that – wahoo! 😀

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend (Bank Holiday or not) and that you get to enjoy a spot of sunshine. Roll on Monday and dubious tan marks all around.

Oh yeah, and special good luck to Joe who’s running the half marathon in Cork on Monday – Go Joe!


All of YouTube in one neat little video. Nice

Made by director Dennis Liu & Animator Krystalline Armendariz, for Kyle Andrews & his track, Sushi, the video apparently uses 1.4million YouTube videos. The mosaic montage doesn’t really tell a story as such but it’s timed really nicely to the song & looks pretty flipping jazzy!

I like 😀