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Friday Frolics #5

Can’t get enough of this album from Passion Pit at the moment & this is one of my favourites – put a huge smile on my face, always.

Friday Frolics #4

Someone sent me this link to this video from Jeffrey Deller’s recent Procession for the Manchester International Festival, which took place in…er… well, not surprisingly it took place in Manchester.

It makes me remember some of the things that I love most about my city – Deansgate for the shopping (not the slapper bars), the brilliant mix of cultures & the fantastic musical heritage. Very few other cities were half as cool as Manchester for music while I was growing up, except perhaps Seattle.

How cool is that? A steel band doing a spot of Joy Division!

Here’s the original too – a fucking classic! And if you disagree I WILL FIGHT YOU! 😉

Rock out with your… er, yeah, you know what to do… 😉

Friday Frolics #3

Yeah, yeah, alright, it’s Sunday, but I’ve forgotten to do the Friday Frolics for the past couple of weeks, so here’s some Sunday Shenanigans instead. This time, celebrating the fabulous Northern Soul music that I was brought up listening to.

It’s impossible to not want to dance to this song and yes, I can do the proper dancing thanks to my mum teaching me in the kitchen as a child. Though I tend to stay away from the more flamboyant stuff nowadays, as I’m getting on a bit 😉

Let’s Dance

I saw this today on Iain Tait’s blog, Crackunit and love it. Never have I wanted to go stand on a steep hill and dance like a twat more so than right now.

I especially love the dude in the red second-skin trolleys & umbrella hat – if anyone knows him, you have my permission to give him my number 😉

Whoop whoop! Who’s coming dancing then?