About Me

Manchester lass living & working in the fair city of Dublin. I like shopping, drinking, dancing around my bedroom, rugby, football, being silly and getting caught singing out loud at traffic lights.

I tend to ramble on about nonsense alot and often make a total tit of myself – which you’ll probably hear about here at some point. I also don’t think people make enough room for silliness in their day to day life. It’s crappy enough out there without taking it all too seriously. Fuck it all, let’s just have a good old giggle. There’s nowt like a proper belly laugh to make everything seem better… though I in no way guarantee that you’ll find anything even vaguely likely to induce one here.


Oh yeah, and I have a fine head of curly hair, which I happen to think is lovely. It tends to get me noticed, sometimes more than I’d like. It also tends to make people come up to me and either a) ask if it’s real, b) try and touch it or often c) both of the above – none of which makes me particularly happy. If you see me in a bar/shop/wherever & like my hair then please feel free to tell me, us girls love that shit. We’ll chat, I’ll complement you back because I’m nice like that and life will be grand for a few fleeting moments. If for whatever reason, you’re not digging my ‘do though, then please feel free to just mosey on by. S’all good.

In the meantime, if you want to leave a comment, go for your life.

6 responses to “About Me

  1. stormbringerr

    you need to put a better picture on.i cant really tell what you or your curls look like very well.

  2. Great to meet you yesterday Dena!
    I believe that curlydena should have a Facebook page… Ping me when that happens and will spread the word 🙂

  3. Curlydena,
    Love your article on Andy Murray. No offense, but, at first I thought it was written by a man. I was pleasantly surprised. Keep the curly locks, myself and a few friends go mad for curly dark hair. Kinda like Julia Sawalha or Andie MacDowell. Hope you’re enjoying Dublin. I’m Irish BTW.

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