So Long Smokey Joe?

Well, Smokey Me really I suppose.

I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up smoking recently. Much to the joy of several close friends and my parents I’m sure. Not for health reasons, or even financial ones, but just because I feel like I might. I’ve long had an off/on relationship with smoking. I really like smoking, controversial possibly, but true, and yet sometimes I get bored and just don’t bother.

As it stands I haven’t had a cigarette since last Friday. Not through any conscious effort, just sometimes I can’t be arsed & forget about it altogether. Maybe I’ll not bother again, maybe I’ll just regress to becoming a social smoker again, maybe all this talk of smoking will have me sparking up the minute go outside. Who knows.

Mind you, if they really did reveal hidden laser traps there’d be NO way I’d give up. Lasers are cool. Fact.

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7 responses to “So Long Smokey Joe?

  1. Good luck with that. I’ve never smoked, but my missus struggled for years with it. Eventually read Allen Carr’s “Way to Give Up Smoking” – I read it too and it made a lot of sense.

  2. Go for it Miss W! I have never smoked (OK, apart from that one at 15 that made me puke and a couple of half hearted efforts whilst hammered in my 20s) but know it will be really hard work. So I am pledging my support – fact (with special hand sign!)

  3. Also trying at the min…
    Good luck.

  4. I only smoke on nights out and kinda regret it a little the day after.
    Was at the shop yesterday and I didn’t have enough cash for my samage so I tried to pay with laser but they said I needed to be spending over a tenner. I said “Shur throw in a pack a malboro lights” wth?

  5. Thanks for the support guys – and thanks for the hand signal/in-joke Granty 😉

    I mainly just smoke on nights out, but then every now & then I just smoke more regularly. And sometimes, as now, I just don’t bother for days/weeks on end.

    Question is can I be bothered to actually “officially” give up and never smoke again? Not sure I’m ready yet. I still like it too much at the moment I think.

    Plus I think the fact that I “should” means I don’t want to. Inner rebel & all that jazz. Hmmm… ’tis a quandry.

    PS @Phil – Best of luck & @Joe – Been there, done the very same thing on many an occasion 🙂

  6. Here’s a tip-move countries!

    I smoked on and off for years and could never really quit them. Once i went to Canada,it became easy to quite as people pretty much shun you like the plague if you smoke! Plus it’s pretty much impossible to smoke anywhere in public without people giving you shit over it.

    Seriously though, fair play if you do. Your lungs will be thankful!

  7. Mind over matter..

    Good luck!

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