Offering a helping hand

It’s lovely when people help each other out. I’m a big fan of random acts of kindness.

More-so, I’m a big fan of people helping out those less able to help themselves. We all know times are tough at the moment, especially for smaller businesses. The guys over at Brand Ireland have sent out a rallying call to people involved in all areas of Marketing & PR throughout Ireland, to get together and offer their expertise to those smaller businesses who could use a hand: by offering advice and helping them to develop & implement marketing plans, which could make the difference between them making it to the other side of the recession and, well, not. What a great idea!

I for one would be happy to help. If you too, fancy lending a hand, why not mosey on along to the blog & find out a bit more about it and how you can help?

There, now, doesn’t that feel good?

One response to “Offering a helping hand

  1. Great Idea. Talent Tank ( )are on the same lines. Connecting people in business to assist one another through this. This is what community and spirit is all about.

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