Social Media in Plain English

Some of my friends are already converts – hell, that’s how I met some of them, but a lot of my friends, especially those back in the UK & not involved in marketing (you know who you are) openly admit that they “just don’t get it” when I start waffling on & eulogising about Social Media.

So, for all of my luddite friends, and for those of you that, like me, just like this kind of stuff, here’s a video that explains it all in a much clearer way that I can…

Made by Lee LeFever (awesome name!!) from – he also has loads of other cool “plain english” videos that are well worth checking out too.

Now, to those of you who have yet to embrace t’interweb, I beseech you to pulleth out thine fngers and get thee hence to a Social Media site near you. Or to a nunnery. Whichever.

2 responses to “Social Media in Plain English

  1. This leads me to wonder … do nuns use social media?

    • I am without doubt the least qualified person on earth to answer that question. Especially after yesterday when I accidentally flashed knicker-flashed a priest!

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