Friday Frolics #3

Yeah, yeah, alright, it’s Sunday, but I’ve forgotten to do the Friday Frolics for the past couple of weeks, so here’s some Sunday Shenanigans instead. This time, celebrating the fabulous Northern Soul music that I was brought up listening to.

It’s impossible to not want to dance to this song and yes, I can do the proper dancing thanks to my mum teaching me in the kitchen as a child. Though I tend to stay away from the more flamboyant stuff nowadays, as I’m getting on a bit 😉

3 responses to “Friday Frolics #3

  1. aGayerJDthanThe1FromScrubs

    Speaking of dancing to songs

    What have i become Dena

  2. that so reminds me of your mum……not as much as needle in a haystack tho…. xxxxxxx

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