Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

No, don’t worry this isn’t some kind of mentalist U2 appreciation post. I’ve just had a nosey at the terms that have brought people to my humble little blog and frankly, I’m a little concerned.


  1. “You are actually hot” – er, thanks. Always nice to get complimented
  2. “Knee High Sports Socks”
  3. “Help, the bus driver flirts” – Awwwww, do you not like him because he’s only a lowly bus driver, or is he a 20-stone, gap-toothed, sweaty, comb-over potential sex pest? Don’t be mean to the bus driver. Everyone deserves a little love, even gruesome bus drivers
  4. Funny Hawaiian Shirt
  5. Addicted to flirting
  6. Grey Knickers
  7. Curly Twat – Now I’m not sure if you landed here because I am a curly twat or because… oh, never mind… i don’t btw!
  8. Kylie’s Face
  9. Milky Knickers – wtf? My blog’s not the kind of thing you can buy, used in a Japanese vending machine you know!?
  10. Legs Akimbo
  11. Dude Girls – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I don’t have a cock, dammit!

Think I need to perhaps watch how I phrase myself in future. Or not, especially when I’ve had literally seconds of fun looking at these bad boys! LMAO! 😀

2 responses to “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

  1. The sexual search terms are usually very specific aren’t they? The guys googling with their pants around their ankles know what they want, and by God if they’re in the mood for a certain type of ‘twat’ then who are we to judge.

    I do well from everything connected with ‘how to touch big bums.’ I don’t understand why people need to be told how to do that. If you have your heart set on touching a bum, big or otherwise, it’s pretty much self-explanatory.

    I got a horrible one today: something along the lines of ‘twelve year old girl genitals.’ Milky knickers. Hmm.

    • I saw the post on bum touching on your blog a while ago. love it! today’s search term extraordinaire is brilliant though: “lads tricked into sleeping with lads”… can you trick a lad into sleeing with another fella?!

      it’s an eye opener this blogging malarkey. learn all sorts about folk

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