Friday Frolics

In the spirit of altruism I’m going to gift you all a bit of lovely music every Friday afternoon as a mood setter for the weekend. It will vary enormously depending upon how I’m feeling about the approaching weekend, no doubt.

I’m currently very much looking forward to an uber-chilled, relaxing weekend. I have the house to myself and a plan to mainly just sit on the couch in my PJs this evening, drinking wine & watching TV – bliss. So, this time I bring to you the wonders of St Etienne and a track that reminds me of being very young & desperately longing to be as effortlessly cool as Sarah Cracknell. Needless to say, I have now achieved that… ahem.

Anyway, enjoy  & have a lovely weekend 😀

2 responses to “Friday Frolics

  1. Thanks for this, Curlydena! I realise that I’m several weeks late, but I just visited and – coincidentally – only hours ago I was extolling Saint Etienne’s virtues to anyone who would listen. They were like the Beatles and Stereolab rolled into one. Sometimes. So Tough is so good I would almost join Feckbook just to start a group devoted to it.

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