The Lion Queen

I’m a Leo: well with a mane of hair like mine I wasn’t going to be anything else really was I?

Even though I think that astrology is an enormous crock of shit, I do think it’s absolutely the coolest of all the star signs… best of all it gives me justification for having enormous lust over this fabulous pendant from New York based designer, Karen Yost’s company Anomaly Jewelry, which I found through one of my favourite blogs at the moment – Godammit I’m Mad


From her Zodiac Kidz range, I just think it’s bloody lovely! And I really, really want one. Alas, at $290 I’m going to have to restrain myself for the time being, what with the “current economic situation” and all that.

On the bright side though, now you know that I’m a Leo and that means you’ve all got plenty of time to save up for my birthday (19th August btw) and put me out of my jewellery-lacking misery.

One response to “The Lion Queen

  1. Nick McGivney

    Ooh watch out for that Sister Wolf. She’ll lead you so delightfully astray… Allamsayn.

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