The Nuclear Boyz… an update

After several lengthy comment-based debates with the advocates of Kama Lifestyles, and continual pleas from them trying to convince me and others that really, all that they were doing was trying to give guys confidence to approach women and that no, it wasn’t just about getting women into bed, we all sort of agreed to disagree and leave each to their own.

But with this weekend being the date of their next seminar, and mindful of the fact that they’re out with some “in field training” this very evening, merrily teaching men to become sexual predators on the hunt for anything that smells vaguely of easy sex (ahem sorry, clearly I mean building the confidence of shy men) I thought I’d share this video – added as a comment onto one of the previous posts:

Kama Lifestyles in ActionFor more funny movies, click here

Now, I’m not going to enter into any kind of argument about whether I’m right or wrong about these guys again… they’ve pretty much answered it all themselves.


3 responses to “The Nuclear Boyz… an update

  1. hey girls , that video is about a year old and was all just a bit of fun….and the porn clips that show at the start weren’t in the original video i seen. I suspect that one of you downloaded that video somewhere off the web and added that porn footage yourselves. I’d delete that video from your metacafe account before i contact the guys from kama lifestyles….i know these guys personally cause i’m good friends of them. If you don’t remove this article i personally will write an article about you and i’m sure when ripped2shreads sees all of these articles you wrote about him, you’ll be sorry you did.

  2. Are you threatening me Darren? That’s what it sounds like.

  3. What a bunch of fucking cretins.

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