Stress Monkey

I’ve been a very busy bee of late and am surrounded by stressed out people. As someone who is very easily affected by the moods of others I too have been somewhat stressed. I don’t like being grumpy though.

Now, I understand that everyone handles stress differently and that’s completely fine. But all too often at the moment, I’m finding that some people are lacking a little perspective and/or seem to be looking for reasons to fly off the handle. As far as I’m concerned though, life will throw enough shit at you, without you going looking for it.

When the time comes that life has thrown some heavy duty shit at you, that’s when you should get stressed, angry, upset etc. Heaven knows there are enough reasons flying about, just waiting to drop a shit bomb on your head.

But in the meantime,  let’s all take a deep breath, figure out what is and isn’t worth stressing about and, if it’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things…

chill out

Life is just too fucking short!

2 responses to “Stress Monkey

  1. nowchangeyourlife

    I am totally de-stressed but disappointed i didn’t see legs akimbo @pjfbncyl

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