The Old Grey Knickers Test (A.K.A The 8 Things Meme)

Yesterday the rather lovely Sinéad Cochrane did me the honour of asking me to complete the 8 Things meme, as she wants to know a bit more about me. Well, what can I say, other than thanks Sinéad, I am indeed very flattered 🙂

Tragically however, she (and all of you) may live to regret this, as despite what I may lead you to believe, I fear am in fact incredibly dull. Duller than a pair of well-washed, greying knickers, left out on the washing line for several weeks and viewed through a smudgy pair of glasses on a bleak Tuesday in October at around 4.48pm when it’s slightly dusky and also drizzling with rain.

I shall however endeavour to make myself appear as interesting as possible as I don’t want to be responsible for people falling asleep whilst operating I-phones, PCs, Macs and other heavy machinery. Can you read a blog whilst driving a forklift? Ah, one of life’s unanswerable questions…

I’m waffling. I’ll stop & crack on.

Okay, so this is the 8 Things Meme. I give 8 answers to each of the questions below and then release unto the world, whilst also tagging another in the hope that they too will furnish us with their info. Well, here goes:

8 Things I Like:

  1. Being really silly just for the sake of it
  2. Singing really loudly in my car
  3. Geeky boys
  4. Laughing so much it hurts
  5. My ass – yeah, I know, odd right? A girl that likes her own behind. Sorry, but I do. I think it’s peachy… but er, without the downy peach-fuzz
  6. Big mugs of strong, milky tea. Porcelain-wrapped happiness
  7. My new life – not here a year yet, but am happier than I’ve been in a long, long time
  8. My hair. It’s big. It’s curly. It fucking rocks!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Interviewed potential new housemates
  2. Dropped a blob of coleslaw onto my lap at lunch & spent the rest of the day walking around looking like someone had cracked one off on my thigh
  3. Spent 3 hours researching baked beans
  4. Put fresh bedding on the bed, thought I’d put it on inside out, took it off again, turned it the right way around, put it back on again and realised that NOW it was inside out. I left it – it was late and I was tired
  5. Checked my bank balance
  6. Forgot to phone one of my friends back in Manchester (sorry Georgie)
  7. Watched Eurovision & wished I could dress like a drag queen
  8. Gave a housemate a lift into town late at night because it was raining and because it meant that I got to have a little in-car sing-song

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Sing like I think I can when I’m having said in-car sing-song
  2. Stop cracking my neck; I sound like Odd Job & I think I’m getting an overly muscular neck
  3. Make my uncle better – but in the meantime I’ll just ask you all to consider registering to become a Bone Marrow donor. You know it’d be a good thing to do
  4. Give myself less of a hard time
  5. Afford to buy the Agent Provocateur underwear that I fell in love with at the weekend
  6. Wear killer heels without towering above the majority of men I meet & thus feel like the 50ft Woman
  7. Bring my dog Linus over from Manchester – he is the king of dogs and I miss him
  8. Invent interchangeable, detachable boobs as frankly there are days when I’d much rather be without them. Plus it would open up a whole other world of outfit possibilities.

8 Things I Don’t Like:

  1. Pineapple – it is the fruit of the Devil!
  2. Putting fresh bedding on the bed
  3. Running. I was made for way more fun stuff than running. Still, needs must…
  4. Over zealous political correctness
  5. People who can’t laugh at themselves
  6. Politicians who forget that they are elected to serve us, not to patronise, steal from, bully and lie to us
  7. The fact that on some days my hair looks like a really bad wig and therefore I look like Eddie Large
  8. Having to squeeze only 8 things into each of these categories. I could go on for days

Well, there you go. I little bit of insight into me and the nonsense that runs through my brain. I had fun compiling my little lists anyway – so thanks again Sinéad 😉

Now, in the spirit of this meme, I shall now tag Joe and Ben to answer it next. Lovely boys who make me laugh. Am I allowed two? Oh well, I’ve done it now. I’m a bit maverick like that. Anyway, c’mon boys – spill the beans 🙂

6 responses to “The Old Grey Knickers Test (A.K.A The 8 Things Meme)

  1. I’m all over this like herpes.

  2. I love that you LIKE your ass, and aren’t afraid to say!… I know a certain @jentertaiment feels similarly about her own. Sorry to hear about your bedding issue. Next time, just skip it. Nothing like a unmade bed to get you up in the morning!

    • Ooh no, never afraid to say. Draw attention to the good bits & people are less likely to look at the not-as-good bits I reckon…

      @jentertainment & I should probably form some kind of group encouraging women to appreciate their own bottoms. I think the world would be a happier place, haha 😉

  3. i could be the chairman of this group?

    just sayin

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