Cop On Lads

Ok Girls, picture the scene. We’ve all been there. You’ve got all dressed up and you look bazzin’ in your new dress that makes the “girls” look awesome and your killer heels. You’re happily sitting in a bar chatting to some friends, catching up on the gossip, laughing your ass off at the latest bit of silliness and generally just having a lovely night out. All is going well…

Until some dude, comes along and tries to “open up your seated group”. Not as explicit as it sounds but hugely annoying nonetheless. You know the type; the sleazy, overly-confident creepy guy that uninvitedly approaches you and tries to charm one/all of you. If it doesn’t work, which it inevitably won’t unless you happen to have already downed several bottles of rosé, he’ll move swiftly on to the next unsuspecting group of females.

The “Shit at a wall” theory in action.

In my head (memory?) the kind of guy that usually does this is also the kind of guy that wears fake tan and overly tight T-shirts (á la Rob Kearney trying to make his pecs appear larger than they are – it’s the male equivalent of a Wonderbra) and carries with him a bottle of “fancy lager”, AKA the guy most sensible women would rather chew their own foot off than go home with.

The thing that’s always confused me about this scenario is really, what the fuck do these blokes think they’re doing?! Not the chatting up girls bit – they like, we like, everyone’s happy blah, blah. But the over-the-top macho, sleazy bullshit that comes with it. Tragically even the most sane bloke can come over (wrong turn of phrase?) all “Love Child of Peter Stringfellow & Jean Claude Van Damme” when “on the pull”.

And then I heard about Kama Lifestyles and all became clear. What appears to be the brainchild (and I use the word brain loosely) of some blokes called Ripped2Shreds and BluePoma (no, i swear I did not make that up!). A “Dating Training Company” where you can learn how to meet & attract beautiful women. They run weekend seminars for an incredibly pocket-friendly fee of €300 – bargain you might say! The seminars consist of 10-12 hours of theory and intense teachings and 6-8 hours of in-field training.

You can even learn some of their techniques online (slightly easier on the pocket I would imagine). My favourite being this little beauty; “The Nuclear Weapon of POA (er??), of relationships, of EVERYTHING!

[Stop Press: The boys at Kama Lifestyles have removed the original link from YouTube 😦 Come on lads, don’t be bad sports!]

However, here’s one from “Blue” himself talking about Alpha Males – still funny as…

Well for all potential Kama Lifestyles customers, I’m going to save you a whopping €300 and tell you what you need to know.

  1. Girls don’t generally like guys that come across as though they have a vial of rohypnol in their pocket just waiting to be poured into your drink!
  2. We do not like being hunted, tricked, sleazed at or generally “gamed”. It makes us uncomfortable which makes you repellent. We’re not just meat and you’re not a caveman anymore (unless, when we know each other much, much better we specifically ask you to be!)
  3. We like guys who are themselves – no games, no tricks, no bullshit. Just have a laugh with us and be yourself. If we all have a laugh and then get along, well, isn’t life grand? And who knows, we might just let you feel us up a bit at the end of the night.

Now, I know that the majority of blokes out there will be laughing their asses almost all the way off at the notions of our Kama Lifestyles friends, but some won’t. Some genuinely believe that they need all this bollocks to meet women and they deserve to know that they don’t have to waste their hard-earned cash on this head-fuckery. So, spread the word – it’s not rocket science. We’ve all got our insecurities, but just try to be yourself. We’ll love you more for it in the long run.

In the meantime, girls, steer clear of Dublin on 23rd & 24th May and 6th & 7th June as I am reliably informed there’ll be a horde of overly horny, raring-to-go, recently trained men with an arsenal of “Nuclear Weapons”, scouring the town under the watchful eyes of Mssrs. Ripped2Shreds & BluePoma. Just stay in & wash your hair or count your legs or stick pins in your eyes – it’s got to be better for you!

24 responses to “Cop On Lads

  1. Holy Jaysis. Let me say that again. Holy jaysis.

    How much money? Wow! I’m really impressed in one sense they’re getting away with this sort of thing!

    • You’ve got to give them credit I suppose. Probably not quite what his Nan meant when she told him “a fool & his money are soon parted”, but still…


  2. My asshole sleazebag name is Jaguar Jones… ladies…

  3. Him – Hey how’s it going? What’s you’re name

    Me – Er, Dena. You?

    Him – Ripped2Shreds

    Me – *chokes on drink* Excuse me? What the?

    Him – Ripped2Shreds

    Me – *ROTFLMAO* Nice one Sunshine, off you trot now.

    Him – Er, but I’ve got this Nuclear Weapon like. You’re melting mi head like?

    Me – Ambulance to A&E because I laughed my ass right the way off!

  4. If only the camera would turn, pan the nervous sounding audience… and reveal!

  5. OMG!!!!!!! seriously who would pay to listen to his bullshit waffling!?!?!

    That guy was boring as ‘f*ck’ too…..

    the mind boggles……although i think i have met blokes who have been on a similar ‘how to become an undatable prick’ course….

  6. AWWW I missed it it has been removed by the user!!

    Dena you causing trouble again?!

  7. I am shocked and appaled by all this!

    As an Irish male I am revolted by guys like this.

  8. Agreed with Silver, I am shocked and disguted, girls beware!!


  9. Am i the only person who is loving this and think it’s the bees knees?
    Sounds like it could be money well spent. If only i had 300 notes.

  10. Oh my god,people actually do this? Thats insane!!!. This obviously is making me think…….Who lies more men or women?

  11. Good evening everyone.

    A friend of mine sent me the link to this article in an email to see what I thought of it, and I found it pretty amusing. At first, when I’d finished I was just going to close it down and let you bask in your ignorance but on second thoughts I figured I’d enlighten you just a little…

    You probably feel that my comment on this article being ignorant is offensive but I am sure it is very close to the truth since you make way too many generalisations and assumptions about guys. The annoying guy you may have encountered, or creepy guy probably hasn’t learnt the skillset or is only new to it. Also, if this guy came over and made your group laugh and smile, is he still annoying? Or something you just tell yourself after he’s left you, in order to feel validated?

    To put it this way if I hadn’t actively learnt this sort of stuff I never would have had the balls to approach this Garda which became my girlfriend of nearly 18 months while she was on patrol in the street during daytime. Its something I’m pretty grateful for and even after I revealed that I’d learnt to not specifically “get good with women” but more to bring out what was already inside me, she was pretty cool with it and very understanding. I never had such a strong connection with anyone before her. Plus I’m not saying this to impress you but to impress upon you that this was a good thing, was it not?

    I think for guys to admit that theres something lacking in their lives and they’re not satisfied with where they are, and to go and do something about it and take action on it, they should be applauded. There are so many people out their living miserably, but they allow themselves to continually live like that, and they don’t attempt to change it or make some difference. Similarly a friend of mine, he was a total wallflower in every venue we entered and hid behind his pint glass. After pointing out a couple of things, and trying out a few things he wouldn’t ordinarily do, he met his girlfriend who he’s going out with the past couple of weeks in the city centre and it turned out she only lives about 10min away from him. I didn’t have him do anything “fancy” at that stage, all he did when he met her initially was say “hi”.

    Now, I realise that it looks like I’m arguing with whats written in this topic, and I don’t agree with fighting fire with fire. You can go back to male-bashing and the shock of “patheticness” that guys are learning to improve their social skills. Whats the difference between saying “those feckers using cheap pathetic tricks to get girls into bed” and writing an article on it? They’re both ignorant, just the latter is ignorance with an elegant touch to it. Its ignorant because every single guy has a different situation and circumstance. Some were born and raised and influenced to become extroverted while others the opposite and some with situations regardless of their level of intro/extroversion.

    We all make decisions. Some guys made certain decisions in their lives… similarly to the decision that you made when you chose to view this topic in a certain way. Some people chose to feel the need to condescend certain groups of people in order to ascend their own validation but thats merely speculation and I don’t KNOW THIS FOR SURE. Some girls are going to go out on the 23/24 May and have a great time and others will be stopped by themselves(from choosing to feel fear… just in case some of these guys *might* meet them, which will probably never happen since those groups are usually about 5 or 6 guys out of…… whats the population of the city centre?).

    Best regards,

    Mr J.

  12. InteractiveMark

    Un-beeeeeee-lievable. Who let these guys loose in Dublin?

  13. hahahaha!
    About 2 years ago i was terrible at talking to women and usually only pulled because i wasn’t ugly.

    The methods ive used from a number of different sources has allowed me to talk to any woman i want to and 9 times out of 10 at least get her number. I wouldn’t use Kamalifestyles because all they are good for in my opinion is getting you over your approach anxiety, the stuff they teach is too widely known and doesn’t work well on Irish girls – although it will work.

    The guy you described sounds like hes new, has been siting behind a computer reading this up and fancied his luck at being a don juan. You wont notice a guys a real PUA until you see “The Game” on his bedroom floor while you are grinding up and down his cock ;]

    Thing is when i go out now and take a look at the competition i see the typical Irish guys idea of pulling is going on to the dance floor, making horse noises and trying to grind every girl he makes eye contact with. But being inbred, ugly and completely stuck up her own arse, all of which im sure you are.. you probably like this.

    Im 19 years old. Ive shagged 17 women multiple times. Im living proof this shit works.

  14. There’s too much here to reply to each comment individually, but first off, thanks all for taking the time to post one 🙂

    Ok, here goes:

    SiLvEr & Irish101 – interesting to see you thought that. Your usernames are familiar to me, having seen them on the “associated” site. Thanks for stopping by!

    Trickz – I am really glad that you’ve managed to find 17 girls who will let you shag them multiple times. What can I say, practice makes perfect! When you’ve stopped worrying about what your tally is (that’s a score by the way) you’ll probably be a lot happier. Quality not quantity is the key – but you’ve plenty of time to learn all of that 😉 Seriously though – I actually think well done for finding a way to get over any insecurities that you have/had. I have no issue with lads doing just that at all – only the methods portrayed on the videos and the lack of respect they appear to treat women with.

    Mr J – Where to begin…

    First, congratulations on finding a lovely girlfriend and also for being a fab mate and helping your pal to find his too. Genuinely happy for you both.

    However, you have misinterpreted my post(s) by making your own knee-jerk reactions. It’s a funny post, for nothing more than making people giggle… though yes, highlighting the fact I think that Kama Lifestyles appear to have some fairly questionable points of view and methods. I have no problem with men going out of their way to learn how to approach women, talk to women, date women, whatever. That’s cool.

    What I do have a problem with is the mind games tactics and overall lack of respect that they appear to pedal to their fee-paying delegates. They (you?) position themselves as a Dating Training Company, yet none of the evidence provided online appears to be linked to dating at all – merely going out and getting some girl to bounce around on your cock for a while. If that’s what they (you) are really pedalling, then be honest about it – don’t call what they/you do “Dating Training”. It’s not!

    A couple of things I will pull you up on with regards to your post are:
    1) If you’re so cool and happy with the methods that you have learned and the results that they’ve garnered for you, why did you have to “come out” about it to your girlfriend? If there’s nothing dubious about it, surely there’s nothing to discuss with her? Just lads being lads?

    2) ” Some people chose to feel the need to condescend certain groups of people in order to ascend their own validation but thats merely speculation and I don’t KNOW THIS FOR SURE”. Clearly you’re talking about me here. I’ve got to be honest about this one – if you’re going to make a dig, strap on a pair and make it. Don’t call me condescending and in need of validation and then take it away again because you can’t handle having a row about it. STRAP ON A PAIR! For the record – I probably am being condescending about our friends at Kama Lifestyles as I find it laughable. Again, not the overall premise of men wanting to make their lives better etc. But that I need to do it to validate myself? Seriously? I don’t need to bring others down to make me feel better about myself.

    And for the rest of your buddies on IrishSeduction I’m not a lesbian, man hater, “retard”, repressed or any other label you’d like to brand me with. I’m your average girl – love men to bits. I just don’t love the ones who treat us like targets. We’re equals. And the most successful men are the ones who know that!

  15. Jaguar Jones


    Im 19 years old. Ive shagged 17 women multiple times. Im living proof this shit works.

    Fuck it – I must have been one of the first people to come visit your blog and then I FORGOT to sub to it – Drat – I’ve that sorted now. There’s some seriously cool reading in here. Wahoo – good on ya girl!

  16. Are these the lads in question?

    If this is them, my god they are terrible and disgusting.

  17. Hmmmmm
    first time here Dena, I subscribed 🙂
    Great read
    Suppose old adage applies “fools and their money are easily parted”

  18. Oh dear god!!!

    The scary thing is this would explain why I can barely stand going out with one of my friends these days … he’s pretty much an over confident womanizing douche … does it work well yeah you try cracking onto 100 women you’ll end up with one of them more than likely .. don’t really think you need to spend 300 quid to figure this out …

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